7 Simple Secrets to Totally Rocking Your richard l saunders

7 Simple Secrets to Totally Rocking Your richard l saunders


Richard L. Saunders (born July 29, 1934), known by the mononym L saunders, is an American psychologist from Palo Alto, California. He is best known for his work on social cognition and his development of the Self-Awareness Scale.

L saunders is the author of the book, The Self-Awareness Scale: A New Approach to Social Cognition, which is a collection of his research on self-awareness.

In the book, Saunders lists four factors of self-awareness: awareness, attention, experience, and learning.

Self-awareness is the awareness of our own thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. People who have high levels of self-awareness have a greater capacity for self-regulation than others. They are less susceptible to external influences, are better able to take action, and have less difficulty with impulse control.

And that’s important. Because we tend to be more aware of how our behaviors affect others, we tend to make the wrong assumptions about others. If you’re going to judge a person based on their physical appearance, or the way they carry themselves, then you’re going to be making a lot of assumptions.

Self-awareness is important. But it is also important to be aware of how we might be affected by our actions. I don’t think we have a greater capacity for self-regulation than other people, but we do have more difficulty with impulse control. And that is important. If we do not feel comfortable making a decision in a moment of stress, we can easily take that decision out of our own hands.

The “right” way to think about self-awareness is not because we are conscious, it’s because we are aware of our own thoughts, feelings, and actions. We can easily be in control of what we think. But that’s not how you make decisions, and that’s why we have great control over our actions.

Well, yes, its easier to control your behavior when you are more aware, but you still have a lot of choices that you can make, and you have to make them right. We can all do our best to make these decisions to the best of our ability, but we cannot ever make every decision with perfect knowledge. We make choices and we learn from every experience, and that leads us to our next question…

What do you do with your days when you can’t kill anyone? We all have jobs, and we all have family at home who depend on us to do things. That is what makes us human. It is what us humans are made to do. And that is a choice that we have to make. We should also consider that we are a society in which everyone has a job, so we should also consider that you can not always choose your job, especially if you have no income.

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